Welcome to IEEE 9th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science!


Wednesday, May 13 | Thursday, May 14 | Friday, May 15

Wednesday, May 13

Keynote: John Favaro

“Strategic Research Challenges in the Internet of Things”

Session 1: Business Processes - 1

Specifying Business Processes with Azzurra

Fabiano Dalpiaz, Evellin Cardoso, Giulia Canobbio, Paolo Giorgini & John Mylopoulos

Automatic Process Model Discovery from Textual Methodologies: Applied in Archaeology

Elena Viorica Epure, Patricia Martín-Rodilla, Charlotte Hug, Rebecca Deneckère & Camille Salinesi

Collaborative Process Modeling with Tablets and Touch Tables - A Controlled Experiment

Klaus Kammerer, Jens Kolb, Sebastian Ronis & Manfred Reichert

Session 2: IS Engineering - 1

Measuring sustainability for an effective Information System audit from public organization perspective

Alifah Aida Binti Lope Abdul Rahman, Shareeful Islam & Ameer Al-Nemrat

Supply Chain Integration (SCI) measured from an information sharing perspective: examining its impact on business success

Dimitrios Chatzoudes & Prodromos Chatzoglou

Modelling language quality evaluation in model-driven information systems engineering: a roadmap

Fáber Danilo Giraldo Velásquez, Sergio España, William Joseph Giraldo Orozco & Oscar Pastor Lopez

Quality-Based Bottom-up Design of Reference Architecture applied to Healthcare Integrated Information Systems

Francisca Losavio, Oscar Ordaz & Victor Esteller

Session 3: Modelling & Design - 1

A GUI Modeling Language for Mobile Applications

Sebastian Geiger, Beatriz Marín, Sergio España & Giovanni Giachetti

What do we know about the Defect Types detected in Conceptual Models?

Maria Fernanda Granda, Nelly Condori-Fernandez, Tanja E. J. Vos & Oscar Pastor

Adaptive Software-based Feedback Acquisition: A Personas-based Design

Malik Almaliki, Cornelius Ncube & Raian Ali

Session 4: Information Search & Discovery - 1

Semantically Enhanced Information Search: a Fuzzy Ontology-based

Ghada Besbes, Hajer Baazaoui & Henda Ben Ghezela

COnnected Keywords

Grégory Smits, Olivier Pivert & Virginie Thion

A Sequence-based Tree Similarity Search

Alsayed Algergawy

A Novel Method for Automatic Discovery, Annotation and Interactive Visualization of Prominent Clusters in Mobile Subscriber Datasets

Shabana K M & Jobin Wilson

Session 5: Requirements Engineering -1

Configuring Crowdsourcing for Requirements Elicitation

Mahmood Hosseini, Alimohammad Shahri, Keith Phalp, Jacqui Taylor, Fabiano Dalpiaz & Raian Ali

A Goal-based Approach for Automated Specification of Information Quality Policies

Mohamad Gharib & Paolo Giorgini

Towards a Model of Topic Relevance during Requirements Elicitation - Preliminary Results

Corentin Burnay, Ivan Jureta & Stéphane Faulkner

Tutorial 1

The Internet of Things and Cooperative Information Systems

Munindar P. Singh & Amit K. Chopra

Session 6: Servicification

Accounting for Service Value – an Ontological Approach

Hans Weigand, Paul Johannesson & Maria Bergholtz

A Collaborative Filtering Algorithm with Clustering for Personalized Web Service Selection in Business Processes

Dionisis Margaris, Panagiotis Georgiadis & Costas Vassilakis

Multi-Platform Mobile Application Development Analysis

Lisandro Delia, Nicolas Galdamez, Pablo Thomas, Leonardo Corbalan & Patricia Pesado

Opinion mining on experience feedback: A case study on smartphones reviews

Laurent Brisson & Jean-Claude Torrel

Session 7: Modelling and Design - 2

Formal Modeling for Verifying SCA Composition

Lazhar Hamel & Mohamed Graiet

Architecting Process Architectures: Towards a Framework of Design Dimensions

Alexei Lapouchnian, Eric Yu & Arnon Sturm

Modeling the Multi-Instantiation in a Product Line: the Rexel Case

Raouia Triki, Camille Salinesi & Raul Mazo

Personalization Mobile P2P Network using FCA Based Multidimensional Aggregation

Saloua Zammali, Khedija Arour & Amel Bouzeghoub

Tutorial 2

Meta-modeling: concepts, tools and applications

Saïd Assar

Thursday, May 14

Keynote: Bénédicte Le Grand

“How can data (and graph) mining techniques support research in Information Systems?”

Session 8: Strategic Management

Modeling Strategic Business Plans: the Montreux Jazz Festival Case Study

Fabiano Francesconi, John Mylopoulos & Fabiano Dalpiaz

Business Intelligence for Business Intelligence: A case study at STMicroelectronics

Manel Brichni, Sophie Dupuy-Chessa, Lilia Gzara, Nadine Mandran & Corinne Jeannet

Information for decision-making is ubiquitous: revisiting the reverse engineering mode in breadmaking technology

Rallou Thomopoulos, Ahmed Chadli, Madalina Croitoru, Joël Abécassis, Gérard Brochoire & Hubert Chiron

Session 9: IS Engineering - 2

Alignment of ReMMo with RBAC to Manage Access Rights in the Frame of Enterprise Architecture

Christophe Feltus, Eric Dubois & Michael Petit

Method Association Approach: A Situational Method Engineering Approach

Rebecca Deneckere, Charlotte Hug, Juliette Onderstal & Sjaak Brinkkemper

A Domain-specific Language for Modeling Method Definition: from Requirements to Grammar

Niksa Visic, Hans-Georg Fill, Robert Andrei Buchmann & Dimitris Karagiannis

Session 10: Modelling and Design- 3

Comparison of software repositories for their usability in software process reconstruction

Marko Janković & Marko Bajec

Evaluation of BehaviorMap: a User-Centered Behavior Language

Fernando Wanderley, Joao Araujo & António Silva

Revealing intricate properties of communities in the bipartite structure of online social network

Tackx Raphaël, Guillaume Jean-Loup & Tarissan Fabien

Automated Refinement of Business Processes through Model Transformations Specifying Business Rules

Roman Popp & Hermann Kaindl

Session 11: Social Network Analysis

How do we Spread on Twitter?

Erick Stattner, Reynald Eugenie & Martine Collard

Ranking Educational Videos: The Impact of Social Presence

Dimitrios Kravvaris, Katia Lida Kermanidis & Konstaninos Chorianopoulos

Session 12: Data Management - 1

An Analytical Model for Data Persistence in Business Data Warehouses

Veit Koeppen, Thorsten Winsemann & Gunter Saake

Diamond multidimentional model and aggregation operators for document OLAP

Maha Azabou, Kais Khrouf & Jamel Feki

DC Session 1

Model-Based Enterprise Information System Design: A SysML-based approach

Anargyros Tsadimas

Studying Social Network Sites via Computational Methods

Tasos Spiliotopoulos

Session 13: Requirements Engineering-2

Identifying Reputable Contributors During Requirements Gathering in Collaborative Software Development Platforms

Zeina Azmeh & Isabelle Mirbel

Modeling Analytics as Knowledge Work: Computing Meets Organizational Psychology

Munindar P. Singh, Guangchao Yuan, Nirav Ajmeri, Pankaj Telang, Chris Allred & Mark Wilson

Friday, May 15

Keynote: Eric Dubois

“On the role of Architectural models: what can we learn from Information System and from Construction projects?”

Session 14: Business Processes - 2

Modeling Business Processes for Automated Crisis Management Support: Lessons Learned

Elena Kushnareva, Benedicte Le Grand & Irina Rychkova

Adaptation of Collaborative Processes using Versions and Adaptation Patterns

Imen Bensaid, Mohamed Amine Chaabane, Eric Andonoff & Rafik Bouaziz

Business Process Model Extension with Cost Perspective based on Process Mining

Dhafer Thabet, Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi & Henda Hajjami Ben Ghezala

Tutorial 3

Specifying Requirements through Interaction Design

Hermann Kaindl

Session 15: Information Search and Discovery - 2

Iterative joint extraction of entities, relationships and coreferences from text sources

Slavko Žitnik & Marko Bajec

Recommendations on Adapting Crowdsourcing to Problem Type

Mahmood Hosseini, Alimohammad Shahri, Keith Phalp & Raian Ali

Concise representation of hypergraph minimal transversals : approach and application on the dependency inference problem

M. Nidhal Jelassi, Christine Largeron & Sadok Ben Yahia

Tutorial 4

Modelling and Analysis of OSS Ecosystems

Xavier Franch, Angelo Susi & Eric S. K. Yu

Session 16: Data Management - 2

Document Similarity Analysis using N-grams and Singular Value Decomposition

Ashraf Hussein

Using Collaborative Filtering to Enhance Domain-Independent CBR Recommender’s Personalization

Jihane Karim, Raja Chiky, Matthieu Manceny & Marie-Aude Aufaure

DC Session 2

Enabling System Models Automated Evaluation through Cross-Concept Information Utilization

George-Dimitrios Kapos

A Goal-Oriented Approach For Dynamic Execution of Services based on Aspect-Oriented Programming

Omnia Saidani Neffati

Session 17: Data Management - 3

Holistic Statistical Open Data Integration Based On Integer Linear Programming

Alain Berro, Imen Megdiche & Olivier Teste

Benchmark for OLAP on NoSQL Technologies, Comparing NoSQL Multidimensional Data Warehousing Solutions

Max Chevalier, Mohammed El Malki, Arlind Kopliku, Olivier Teste & Ronan Tournier

Competitive intelligence: History, importance, objectives, process and issues

Dhekra Ben Sassi, Anissa Frini & Wahiba Ben Abdessalem