Welcome to IEEE 9th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science!


Wednesday, May 13 | Thursday, May 14 | Friday, May 15

Wednesday, May 13

Keynote: John Favaro

“Strategic Research Challenges in the Internet of Things”

Tutorial 1

The Internet of Things and Cooperative Information Systems

Munindar P. Singh & Amit K. Chopra

Tutorial 2

Meta-modeling: concepts, tools and applications

Saïd Assar

Thursday, May 14

Keynote: Bénédicte Le Grand

“How can data (and graph) mining techniques support research in Information Systems?”

Friday, May 15

Keynote: Eric Dubois

“On the role of Architectural models: what can we learn from Information System and from Construction projects?”

Tutorial 3

Specifying Requirements through Interaction Design

Hermann Kaindl

Tutorial 4

Modelling and Analysis of OSS Ecosystems

Xavier Franch, Angelo Susi & Eric S. K. Yu